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Writing is about clear communication, and the editing process is crucial in ensuring that the reader understands exactly what you're trying to say without being distracted by errors, large or small.  As a client, you deserve a perfect manuscript, so as your editor, I guarantee an error-free project.  Contact me for rates on your particular project.  We can set up an hourly or price per word contract.

College Essay Coaching

Start to finish help with the college essay process: My students have earned acceptances to their top choice schools, including Haverford, Dartmouth, Gettysburg, and Dickinson Colleges.

A college essay gives applicants the opportunity to shine before an admissions committee.  It is an introduction, a personal statement and a writing sample rolled into one.  But a single admissions officer reads hundreds of essays each year.  The challenge is to write something that is both authentic and compelling so that it stands out from the pack.   As a writing coach, I help each student mine for the best topic and compose his or her very best essay.

Coaching/ Tutoring
One-on-One & Small Group
  • High School (Including AP)

  • College/ Graduate-Level Writing Help


Looking for a service not listed here? Just ask. 

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